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There’s a lot of misunderstanding about us political and social lefties out there, especially among righties. Today a guy I won’t name posted a meme that totally misrepresents the left in America. I don’t usually write about memes, but this one, I think, warrants my attention, if for no other reason that to correct the errors for those who are willing to learn, or at least willing to hear out the views of those they think they oppose.

Onward, then!

This meme states that leftism teaches white people to hate their race. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Race…

The U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 1, states clearly that if you are born in the United States, you are automatically a citizen of the United States. There is no reference or provision I am aware of in the law that negates this based on where one’s parents are from, what one’s so-called :race”, gender or identity is, or any other factor about one’s self. Barring a Constitutional Amendment, or an adverse ruling specifically on this issue by the U.S. Supreme Court, that is and will remain the law of the land. …

Some of you know I’m a writer. Some might not understand that, ’cause it’s been a while since I posted any excerpts from my slowly growing body of work. I have three novels and two short stories I self-published on Amazon.

Don’t get me started.

You’re gonna ignore that advice? Okay, you asked for it.

How does that work, anyway? Self-published? On Amazon? If I think about it, which I try not to because it makes my head hurt… But if I think about it, I’m not completely self-published. Amazon is doing the publishing work, and the printing work, and…

Somewhere in an alternate universe America, a global pandemic struck home. In six months, a million citizens were infected and over a hundred thousand people were dead from the disease. In three more months, those rates had doubled. There was a high risk of doubling again in half that time.
Government at all levels, federal, state and local, were asked to issue instructions and
render assistance. But the President countermanded orders at the federal level, saying that things are “under control, and that “It’s not that bad”. Some of the states and many of the localities followed suit. Infections…

While there is something to be said for getting Trump out of the White House, we must also consider the type of person we replace him with. The moral character, as it were. The Democratic Party, which claims to be the party of the people, has, for all practical purposes, crowned Joe Biden as their standard bearer.

We need to examine that claim carefully in light of Biden’s actual record. He has consistently taken positions in line with corporate interests as opposed to the people’s interests. For the latest example, his repeated refusal to even consider Medicare For All even…

If there’s one of you who has no sin,

Then let the stone-casting begin.

If you’re as pure as a new-born babe,

And you’ve never done anything wrong,

Never would hurt another soul,

Never have lied, cheated or stole.

Would never do to someone else

What you wouldn’t want done to yourself,

Then go ahead and cast that stone,

Then wait for one to be cast back at you,

Because you picked up and threw your rock

And exposed yourself as a liar too.

And here’s the lie you told the world,

Before that stone you chose to hurl:


by Don Rice Jr.

Yesterday, I started writing a postmortem on the campaign of Bernard Sanders. I was researching all I was putting in the article as I went along, embedding the links to the facts in the article.

(I don’t work well from outlines; I either write as I find the information I’m writing about, or I write what I already know and then find the evidence to back it up.)

I was roughly half-way through the article when a keyboard mishap occurred in which, within a split second, the entire text was highlighted as I was typing the…

Those who follow my diatribes know I have issues with Liz Warren, and I’m glad she has suspended her campaign. But she does have one point that would make her a good VP pick. Or a potential nominee for Secretary of the Treasury.

Economics is that point. To give the Devil his due, Warren is great with the numbers. The way she forced Obama on the Consumer Financial Protection Board was a sight to behold. Pure genius, imho.

Ditto her taking corporate CEO’s to task in public hearings. But even there she dropped the ball. Granted that she clearly and…


To all who have taken issue with my stands of a variety of things, I offer the following:

I apologize to those of you who support unfettered free markets for pointing out that they have historically served to uplift some people while keeping other people in poverty through things like price fixing, price gouging, and unadulterated greed.

I apologize to those who believe that people love their insurance plans that keep you locked in to health care providers who are on their lists, and limit the care you can recieve based not on your health needs but on their…

This morning I had a problem with my writing. A story I’m working on required a brief account of a slavery in America and the transporting of slaves to the so-called “New World”. However, as has happened on several topics a number of times since my heart attack almost 20 months ago, I couldn’t remember what that transporting across the Atlantic Ocean is called.

Although my writing is mainly fiction, I have this desire, or maybe it’s a need, deep-seated in my psyche, to be as accurate in my descriptions as I can. Therefore I research the topics pertinent to…

Author Don Rice Jr.

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